Roosevelt High School Class 1962

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The return of the Big Stick (1961)

Big Stick Double click on picture to enlarge

John Poitras, Russ McComb, Harley O'Neil

Class of 1962 - Reunion history  
2022 Sand Point Country club (60th)
2018 Innis Arden - Harley's house (56th)
2017 Innis Arden - Harley's house (55th)
2016 Innis Arden - Harley's house (54th)
2015 Innis Arden - Harley's house (53th)
2014 Innis Arden - Harley's house (52th)
2012 Sand Point Country club (50th)
2007 Innis Arden Clubhouse (45th)
2002 Shilshore Bay Marina (40th)
1992 LongAcres club house (30th)
1982 Seattle Design Center (20th)
1972 Seattle Mountaineers Lodge (10th)

Roosevelt Class of 1962 Memorabilia

Rob_F Double click on picture to enlarge

Rob Fahnestock is shooting the ball, Norm Gregory is center, Rick Eberhart is #43, far left Don Stark or Ron Jones

Left center Terry Palmer, Harley O'Neil with mega phone, Russ McComb on right, Doug Willard, David Baker

Who is player number 45 in 1960 at The Washington State Championship?

Basketball State Tournament 1960 cover Basketball State Tournament 1960 player rosterDouble click on picture to enlarge
Football Jamboree 1961 cover Football Jamboree 1961 roster Football Jamboree 1961 backDouble click on picture to enlarge

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